Sign up to chaperone your child’s field trips!

Parents, Thank you for being willing to chaperone our students on their field trips this year! We are thankful for your help and involvement in your student’s education. As you sign up, please keep a few things in mind:
1. Field trips are designed to be educational. Only approved adult chaperones and students whose class is participating in the trip should attend.
2. You will need a car that can transport at least 3 school-aged children in order to be considered as a chaperone.
3. You must sign up to chaperone at least 2 weeks before the trip date. Any chaperone requests for trips less than 2 weeks before the date will be denied.
4. If you attend a field trip, you will be expected to help supervise all students present and to keep students focused on the group’s activities. Field trips are not personal family time; they are educational school outings that teachers have spent much time and effort to prepare. Please adhere to the teacher’s directions and expectations.
Thank you!!
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