Adult Ministries


     2016 Zion Lutheran Officers, Boards, and Committees

Executive Board
President: Gayle Mankin         Vice President: Loren Uden
Secretary: Lori Uden              Treasurer: Corinne Mankin
Board of Elders

The Board of Elders is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the congregation. The Board is responsible for, but not limited to:
~ Assisting the Pastor in caring for the spiritual needs of the congregation.
~ Assist the Pastor, when requested, in his official acts and duties.
~ Being responsible for the Worship Services so it is a meaningful experience and peaceful encounter that enriches the lives of the congregation as they hear the Lord's message.
~ Developing and maintaining the policies for their area of responsibility.
~ Appointing and maintaining the committees to accomplish all functions of the Board for activities of Zion that may reflect on or affect the mission statement of "Educating for Eternity".
~ Coordinating with other boards and committees all activities of the church.
The Board of Elders meets the first Monday of the month. If the first Monday is a holiday we meet the following Monday.

Current Board members:                                                                                                        Gayle Mankin        Doyle Krueger         Melvin Buss                Harold Kelley        

 Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serves the Lord by using their talents and skills to maintain the Zion buildings, grounds and parsonage. They work with other boards and the congregation by proactively accessing the conditions, performing routine maintenance, making improvements, and responding to requests for repairs.

Current board members are:
 Doyle Krueger                          Jake Johnson                          Terry Kort                           Mark Philippi                             Mike Mankin

Board of Evangelism/Stewardship

Current board members are:
Evangelism:    Brenda Critel     Brian Hueftle     Sue Nielson     Brandi Oman                                              Deb Leech         Matt Oman


Board of Christian Education
The Board of Christian Education is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and supervising the educational programs of Zion Lutheran Church including Zion Lutheran School, Preschool, Adult Bible Study, and Vacation Bible School.
Objectives of the Board are:
~ Guiding people to the divine truths found in the Holy Scripture.
~ Leading people to believe in the Triune God and faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
~ Enabling people to grow in knowledge of the Word of God.
~ Encouraging people to become active members of the Body of Christ by becoming living witnesses to all that Christ has done for them.


Current board members are:
Randi Warneke     Laura Hargis     Machelle Holliday       Dave Berens                                            Brenda Critel

Memorial Committee
The Memorial Committee assists Zion Lutheran members by managing those funds given in memory of the departed and assisting families to choose a tribute to honor those who have gone before us.
The Memorial Committee serves by:
~ Assisting those who wish to establish a memorial.
~ Collecting and maintaining records of all memorials given in honor of those who are deceased.
~ Collecting and recording memorials given in honor of a living person.
~ Maintaining records and making records available to the family of the deceased and the congregation's financial secretary.
~ Depositing all funds in a separate account for these purposes.

Current board members are:
Konnie Lofing      Marilyn Kelley     Andi Brown

Endowment Committee
Current board members are:
Corinne Mankin-2012     Ken Hulse-2013     Dave Peterson-2014

Social Concerns
Current board members are:
Lori Niederklein     Merna Urwin


Thank you for your service to Zion Lutheran Church & School!