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He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High 2017-06-26 Paul Warneke
Midweek Lent 2017 2017-02-27 Paul Warneke
If your brother sins against you... turn the other way and run?! 2017-02-20 Paul Warneke
Even With Tears 2016-02-22 Paul Warneke
It's the End of the World! November 2015 Newsletter Article 2015-11-03 Paul Warneke
Crossing Over: A Sermon for Reformation & All Saints 2015-11-03 Paul Warneke
A Sermon for Confirmation - 4/26/2015 2015-04-27 Paul Warneke
All is Solitude and Gloom - An Easter Sermon 2015-04-06 Paul Warneke
I Don't Have To Do Good Works! ...do I? 2015-04-06 Paul Warneke
Psalm 29, the Flood, the Baptism of Our Lord, & Our Own Baptisms 2015-01-14 Paul Warneke
Don't Build Me a House! 2015-01-13 Paul Warneke
Your Little Secret 2014-03-26 Paul Warneke
The Price of Tea in China? 2014-03-19 Paul Warneke
Fig Leaves? or Righteousness? 2014-03-10 Paul Warneke
The Tansfiguration of Our Lord 2014-03-10 Paul Warneke
The Simple Secret for a Successful Life: Be Perfect 2014-02-24 Paul Warneke
Sinner or Sinee, who should go to whom? 2014-02-19 Paul Warneke
Is There Someone Who just rubs you the wrong way? 2013-10-28 Paul Warneke
Reformation Day is All Hallow's Eve 2013-10-02 Paul Warneke
St. Michael and All Angels 2013-10-02 Paul Warneke
I am Telling the Truth. I am not lying! 2013-10-02 Paul Warneke
Sermon: Pentecost 16 (Proper 18 C) 2013-09-11 Paul Warneke
Sermon Pentecost 15 Remember...those who spoke to you the word of God 2013-09-02 Paul Warneke
September 2013 Newsletter Article 2013-09-02 Paul Warneke
Sermon Pentecost 6 -The Burden of Freedom 2013-07-02 Paul Warneke
Prisoners Of Our Own Device - Sermon Pentecost 5 2013-06-26 Paul Warneke
Sermon Pentecost 4 "YOU... are the man!" 2013-06-17 Paul Warneke
June Newsletter: Your Summer Assignment 2013-06-17 Paul Warneke
Sermon Easter 6: Why Should I Love my Neighbor? They Don't Deserve it! 2013-05-08 Paul Warneke
May Newsletter: Behold A Host Arrayed in White: Our Confirmands!... and Us! 2013-05-08 Paul Warneke
Sermon Easter 5: With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies? 2013-05-08 Paul Warneke
Sermon: Easter 3 - God Is Not Flattered By Your Praise 2013-04-15 Paul Warneke
Sermon: 2nd Sunday of Easter - The One and Only Reason for Going to Church 2013-04-09 Paul Warneke
April Newsletter: If You Can't Say Something Nice... Repent! 2013-04-01 Paul Warneke
Sermon Easter Sunday "In My Flesh I Will See God!" 2013-04-01 Paul Warneke
Sermon: 4th Sunday in Lent - You Think Your Way is Better than Mine?! 2013-03-11 Paul Warneke
March 2013 Newsletter - LCMS in the news! 2013-03-01 Paul Warneke
Sermon: 2nd Sunday in Lent - Tears for Enemies of the Cross 2013-02-28 Paul Warneke
February 2013 Newsletter 2012-11-13 Paul Warneke
Dec 2012 Newsletter - Who Does God Want Me to Vote For? 2012-11-13 Paul Warneke
Funeral Pre-planning Template & Information 2012-11-02 Paul Warneke