Groups & Committees

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Zion Altar Guild

The Altar Guild meets as needed, depending on the upcoming activities 9(usually about 6 times a year) and the meeting place is announced prior to each meeting.

The group's mission is to assist the Pastor to enhance the worship service through various duties. They include beutifying the the altar, seting up for communion, keeping the chancel area clean, making and hanging banners, filling the candles, preparing holy communion, making and maintaining the acolyte robes,and changing the altar cloths. Other duties are added as the church season changes such as decorating the chancel for Easter, Christmas, and Lent.

In addition to these duties, the Altar Guild partners with LWML to host a Spring Salad Luncheon. An annual cookie walk is held in December with baked goods, cookies, quilts and crafts.

The Altar Guild serves one Lenten and one Advent meal to the congregation prior to evening services on Wednesdays. Social activities include an annual picnic and a Christmas parts.

Current officers are lorene Janssen, President; Marilyn Kelley, Treasurer; and Andi Brown, Secretary.

All members of the congregation are eligible to join. For information contact Lorene at 402-463-1615, Marilyn at 402-463-2293, or Andi at 402-462-4672.


Zion Lutheran Women's Missionary league (LWML)

The purpose of LWML is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and to assist in missionary and charitable endeavors. The Lutheran Women's Quarterly provides bible studies and mission events. The Mite Box offerings assist at all levels - Zone, District & National.

LWML meets the first Monday of the month at Zion Church. Linda Potter will be happy to answer your questions about joining LWML or contact the church office.