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Other Classes and Activities

After School Program

Our After School Program offers the opportunity for supervised free time for kindergarten through 8th grade Zion Lutheran students to exercise, study, read, play and practice their creative art skills. The After School Program room on the lower level is filled with books, craft items, building materials, toys, puzzles and art supplies. Students are also welcome to utilize the playground when weather permits. The After School Program attendees are offered a daily snack. Any child still in the building after 3:25 pm will check in to the After School Program. Parents can pick up their children any time before 5:30 p.m. by signing them out with the After School Program provider. Parents are assessed a fee for the After School Program and statements are sent home with the students two times per month.


Field Trips

Each class has the opportunity to expand their knowledge during regularly scheduled field trips. Class registration fees and student admission fees are covered by the one-time Activity Fee assessed at the beginning of the school year. The field trip locations are chosen by the teachers for their educational value and appropriateness for the age of the students. Permission slips are sent home with the students and they must be returned with a parent or guardian’s signature so the student can participate in the field trip. Parents are notified in the permission slips regarding the need for drivers, chaperones, if there is a need for special clothing, and other details of the trip. Parents help as drivers and chaperones when needed and they are essential to the success of these special events. Every parent is encouraged to chaperone a field trip each year to observe their child’s social development in this fun and exciting environment.

Homework Club

Homework Club is available for students in grades 1-8 from 3:30-4:30pm during After School Care.


In addition to a library in the school, Zion Lutheran students receive services from the Hastings Public Library’s Bookmobile. Every Monday each class visits the library or the Bookmobile to check out a wide selection of age-appropriate books. A Hastings Public Library card is needed to check out books from the Bookmobile. Library cards are free for Adams County residents and are available by applying at the Hastings Public Library.


Nursing Services

Nursing Services are provided at Zion Lutheran School. The school nurse is responsible for logging physical information such as height and weight each year. She also conducts vision, hearing, and other examinations related to the well-being of each student.

The nurse is a liaison between school and medical personnel. The school nurse is interested in the child’s total health and is available for consultation with parents. The school nurse will make home visits when it is deemed beneficial to the child. Notices are sent to parents whose children require attention from their family physician. The school nurse monitors medication distribution at Zion Lutheran School. The school staff does not administer any medications to students unless written authorization is received from the student’s parent or guardian.

The nurse also advises the school staff in regard to first and supplies and procedures. Training sessions are scheduled throughout the year.


Physical Education

Physical Education is taught by each individual teacher to all grades from K-8th. The Zion students are able to participate in a variety of fun and challenging indoor and outdoor activities. PE classes are age-appropriate and they promote sports skills and concepts as well as lifelong physical fitness.

Vocal Music

“Choir days” are devoted to learning how to best use our God-given instruments, our voices, to glorify God, and we spend much time learning proper vocal techniques and diction to prepare the music we sing for church services and music programs to the best of our ability.  Students participate in a vocal choir class as well as a general music class. Grades K-2 dance along and learn fun new ways to explore music, while grades 3-8 are expanding their musical repertoire by learning to play the recorder. Our students love praising God with their voices and their instruments!