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Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades

This year has started off with so many new and exciting explorations. In fifth and sixth grades, we have already completed our first two book reports with the topics of mystery and science fiction/fantasy. We have learned about thermal energy, the atmosphere, matter, fossils, minerals and rocks. History is giving us a glimpse into the Native American culture, how and why Europeans migrated to the Americas, and what life was like for the first European settlers.

In seventh and eighth grades science, we have been exploring all about space. We hve studied past astronomers, constellations, planets, and even the moon. This class was able to study a specific planet and constellation in depth to present to their classmates in a variety of ways.

Fifth through eighth grades are in my art class together. We have been learning how to draw pictures with words, change art of others to make it our own, along with how to identify warm and cool colors. It has been a wonderful experience so far and we look forward to what’s to come.