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Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades

This year has started off with so many new and exciting explorations. In fifth and sixth grades, we have already completed our first two social studies projects about early explorers in America and the first colonies. We have learned about the scientific method, the Earth and our universe. In English class, we are mastering all of our parts of speech using fun videos and foldables.

In seventh and eighth grades science, we have been exploring matter and energy. We have studied ancient civilizations, including Sumer, Akkad, and Egypt. The students are learning to write a research report by researching an Egyptian pharaoh. They are very excited to share their learning with the rest of the class!

Fifth through eighth grades are also learning Spanish and digital citizenship through our weekly computers class with grades 3-4. Students are learning typing skills as well as how to be safe online and use digital resources responsibly with their 1-1 Chromebooks.

Money Management

Students in grades 5-8 participate in a year-long financial literacy activity. At the beginning of the year, students are given a simulated online banking account. Each week, they are paid a salary based on real minimum wage amounts and the number of hours spent in school. Out of this salary, students pay rent for their desks and Chromebook computers and are taught to manage money responsibly by keeping a spending record and checking their online balance regularly. Students are also given personalized checkbooks, debit cards, and play money with which to buy prizes, rent or buy supplies when needed, and make transactions with other students if they so choose. Students are given bonuses or fines based on weekly grade reports, homework completion, and can earn bonds from school staff for positive behavior around the school building.