Clubs & Sports

In conjunction with providing our students with a fine Christian and academic education, we also provide the opportunity for our students to participate in interscholastic sports and clubs. Our desire is that students who participate in these activities will further develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially with love for other human beings and a deeper faith in Jesus Christ. Students are encouraged to be the best that they can be to the glory of God with the Athletic Director, coaches, and parents providing positive role models to facilitate each student’s growth and development. Practices and games are after school hours, so parents are responsible to make arrangements to pick up their students.

Zion athletic programs are Club Teams so we welcome members of Zion Lutheran Church to join our students on our athletic teams.


Zion looks to rebuild its athletic programs by providing the opportunity for students to initiate meaningful, Christ-centered relationships through sport. Students will learn how cooperation produces friendships as well as the satisfaction that comes from being part of a group with a common interest. Basic skills will be introduced, then students learn how to hone those skills through various sports.

We are beginning to work in conjunction with the local YMCA. Our organizations believe that a proper Christian environment is beneficial for both. This is the first step as Zion pursues its ultimate goal to once again compete in the Missouri Synod League.

For more information, contact Kelly Pratt.

Track & Field

Track and Field skills are developed from an early age at Zion. Each spring area Lutheran Schools are invited to compete bringing Kindergarten – 8th grade students to participate in the annual Field Day. Age appropriate events, both individual and group, are available for all age groups. The day begins with prayer to set the tone as one of Christian fellowship while engaging in competition.


Students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to participate in competitive speech team. Both group and individual events provide students with character building experiences and lifelong skills of oral presentation. This activity builds self-confidence through friendly competition and accountability. Events include: poetry interpretation, prose interpretation, duet, oral interpretation of drama, impromptu speaking, and platform speaking. Mrs. Megan Teel oversees the team as coach.