National School Lunch Program

Well balanced and nutritious hot lunches are available to students in grades K-8 from Monday-Friday. Snacks are also served to preschool-8th grades each morning.  We are thankful for the parents, members of the congregation, and friends of Zion School who donate cash and snacks to help us with this program.

We publish lunch menus each month. Menus are posted at school and can be accessed on the Sycamore Education web site. Meals are ordered daily in the classrooms. All meals include an entree and milk plus fruits, vegetables and breads to meet the guidelines set by the National Hot Lunch Program. All means are prepared on site and served fresh and hot from the oven.

Zion offers a program called “OFFER versus SERVE”. This means that instead of just serving one standard meal, we offer additional fruits and vegetables to let the children make their own healthy choices. We also allow them to take a smaller portion of foods. Some times students are overwhelmed by having a large amount of an unfamiliar food so this gives them the opportunity to try more new things while still choosing their favorites. All hot lunch meals are served with water and a choice of 1% white milk or fat free chocolate milk. Students can choose a second milk for 50 cents or choose seconds of side dishes are 50 cents and main dish are $1.

In addition to food that tastes good, we also follow all National School Lunch regulations and policies, our Wellness policy, and the HACCP plan. Our Kitchen Manager is ServSafe certified and our kitchen is regularly inspected by the local health department.

We are an authorized site for the State of Nebraska Hot Lunch Program and provide FREE and REDUCED meals for qualifed applicants. All applications are strictly confidential and are available in our office.