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New in 2021 School Year

Zion Lutheran School will soon become Zion Classical Academy – Est. by Zion Lutheran Church!

What is a Classical Christian Education?

Classical Christian Education is forming what our children love through their joyful discovery of the good, the true, and the beautiful.  It was eclipsed as the reigning model of education only about a hundred years ago, after dominating for over a thousand. It has produced some of the greatest minds in history. While the modern method of education specializes in teaching students what to think about separate subjects, the Classical Christian method teaches students how to think, so they can examine everything – math, science, all knowledge – not as disjointed subjects but as an integrated whole, with the Scriptures at the center. Classical schools use children’s God-given strengths at each stage of growth to help them learn.

Classical Christian schools teach all subjects based on the principle that God is the Creator of all that exists.  Wisdom and virtue are taught through the study of the liberal arts (the verbal arts of the trivium – grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and the mathematical arts of the quadrivium – arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy).  The Socratic method is often employed during the logic and rhetoric stages of learning. The memorization and recitation of weekly Bible verses begins in kindergarten. We teach a phonics-based reading curriculum that aims at building knowledge and content, rather than using the skills-centered approach of the Common Core standards.

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Your journey at Zion Lutheran School begins…


Your application process begins with a FREE Educational Success Consultation with Head Teacher, Sara Nielsen. Call our office to schedule your visit. 402-462-5012

The Education Success Consultation at Zion Lutheran School is to support your family in making the best educational decisions for your children. During your FREE Educational Success Consultation, Mrs. Nielsen will get to know your family and understand your goals for your children and family. She will be able to answer questions, review school policies and discuss the school’s and parents’ roles. After your consultation, you will be given a tour of the school. At this time, you may schedule your child’s “shadow day” to experience a day in the life of a student at Zion. Your child will be paired with a student leader of the same age, who will guide your child through the day and answer any questions about student life here.

Once you have decided to apply, the Zion Lutheran School Board will review your application, and the committee will notify you of admission by phone.


Once the your student has been accepted you will be emailed the link that will allow you to complete the process. If you have any questions please call the office 402-462-5012

Nondiscrimination Policy

Zion Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, nationality, or origin to all rights, privileges, program and activities generally accorded to students at Zion Lutheran School. Zion Lutheran School does not discriminate on the basis of race in administration of its educational policies, scholarship program and any other school program.