If you are interested in learning more about Zion Lutheran and how you can help us share God’s message, please contact Pastor Tyler Hauptmaier, Principal Sara Nielsen, or a member of our church. They can direct you to the proper person to provide information on our ongoing needs.


Please contact us if you would like to find out more about ACLEA or if you can assist with the March 2, 2019 “FIRE” Fundraiser. “FIRE” generates several thousand dollars of support for Zion Lutheran School each year. The majority of the funds are used to defray the tuition costs for our students so no child will be denied a Lutheran education due to inability to pay. In the past year, ACLEA funds have also been used to purchase a new John Deere mower to maintain the school and church grounds, and new cafeteria chairs were purchased for the younger students. We are grateful to the ACLEA committee and the hundreds of individuals, businesses, and volunteers that make this a hugely successful event each year.


Remember that between September 1 – March 31 marked dates for collecting Allen’s store receipts. Just send the receipts to the school office and we will do the rest. Allen’s will provide 1% of all sales receipts (some excusions apply) to the Zion PTU. Zion collected in receipts a grand total of $16,500.00 for the 2018-2019 year.  Russ’s Marker receipts are collected from September 1 – February 28 for points to be able to purchase from the Apples for Students Catalog.

We also continue to collect Box Tops for Education all year round. In the past year we have received over $1000 in cash plus dozens of new items for our classrooms. This year we are on target to get even more rewards. We also accept empty printer cartridges for recycling. Questions can be directed to Jessica in the office. Thanks to all of you for making these a success at Zion.